Indie BirthConference + RetreatMay 18-21 2018Come Conspire (8).png


Camp Miller has 340 acres of woodland, a crystal clear lake, over 8 miles of hiking trails, and lots of awesome recreational activities. 


We'll bunk together in lodges to get the real deal camp experience!  All the lodges have their own bathrooms with showers.  You'll get a twin bunk to snuggle down into each night in a room with other attendees.  


This year, we will enjoy each other's company and release some oxytocin as we chow down in the dining hall as a group.  We will be served breakfast, lunch and dinner, all included with your registration.  We will be sending out emails as the weekend gets closer to make sure all your dietary needs are accounted for.


More detailed session information will be released later in 2017, but if you need a teaser, the whole Indie Birth team will be crafting new and exclusive sessions.  We have Angela Gallo and Megan Lior headlining our main sessions and ceremonies and they are ready to blow your minds!!! We will have breakout sessions this year as well as other styles of group learning. Saturday and Sunday we will also enjoy group activities led by camp staff with the intent of developing our leadership, confidence and releasing our fears as a group.  We are so excited to have everyone in one place, so that we can connect more in the down time, and also extend the "up-time" into all the nooks and crannies of the weekend.


All campy jokes aside, we think this weekend will be what each of us needs to become stronger leaders in the movement towards authentic midwifery.  We hope that in 50 years we will look back and write that the Indie Birth Retreat was a turning point in the herstory of midwifery. We are the resistance, and this weekend will help make us stronger and more ready for what the world is asking of us.