We are pleased to announce that this year there are TWO full scholarships to the 2018 Indie Birth Conference and Retreat!  More info below.  Recipients for both scholarships will be notified by January 24th.

Full Scholarship - Need Based Scholarship Donated by Rebecca Wright

The Rebecca Wright Scholarship will be award to a first time conference (and retreat) attendee with a financial need.  The recipient will be chosen based on their intention to implement the retreats' offerings into their own community when they return home.  

Full Scholarship - Indie BirtH Leadership Scholarship

The recipient of the Indie Birth Scholarship will be chosen by Maryn and Margo based on how serious the recipient seems to be about making real and big changes in their birth community.  It will be awarded to someone who has not attended one of our other conferences already.  Our theme this year is breakthrough, and we would like to give this scholarship to someone who is going to embody that idea.  Somebody who is brave, and is ready to make waves.