Indie Birth Midwifery Conference

The Vision

The 2017 Indie Birth Midwifery Conference facilitated amazing connections and strengthened the new paradigm of midwifery and birth.  Our conferences so far have been largely "in the box" structure wise (not so much content wise!), so this time around we are doing things differently, and bringing you an experience that will be even more impactful. We are getting OUT of the conference room and into the woods.  Our main sessions will be deeper, more radical, more heart opening, and will be interspersed with experiences designed to connect you to the like-hearted women around you.  

We will eat together, sleep together, and work together to move midwifery into the new paradigm.  We will sit in circle and have big conversations, since we need to work together if we are going to make things move.  We will definitely hit the sauna.  Indie Birth invites you to come and inhabit the center of your own spiral, contributing your own wisdom to the weekend and co-creating something truly special. We want this weekend to be a practice in living the wise woman model so that you can go back to your communities stronger, wiser, and with even clearer vision so that you can make some serious changes.

This Year's Theme iS



BREAKTHROUGH : The Role of Intuition in Midwifery; DivorciNg Ourselves from the System; DIY Prenatal Care; Strategies for Effective Activism; Tools for Deep Inner Work; Exploring the Cultural Construction of the Body; Honoring Our Cycles; Badass Birth Business; Branding and Harnessing Social Media Power; A New Approach to the Postpartum Year, and more...