Indie Birth Midwifery Conference

This Year's Theme iS

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The Vision

 Our conferences so far have been largely "in the box" structure wise (not so much content wise!), so this time around we are doing things differently, and bringing you an experience that will be even more impactful. We are getting OUT of the conference room and into the woods.  Our main sessions will be deeper, more radical, more heart opening, and will be interspersed with experiences designed to connect you to the like-hearted women around you.  We will eat together, sleep together (in bunkhouses), and work together to move midwifery into the new paradigm.  

We will sit in circle and have big conversations, since we need to work together if we are going to make things move.  We will definitely hit the sauna.  Indie Birth invites you to come and inhabit the center of your own spiral, contributing your own wisdom to the weekend and co-creating something truly special. We want this weekend to be a practice in living the wise woman model so that you can go back to your communities stronger, wiser, and with even clearer vision so that you can make some serious changes.

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- Tickets include all lodging, food and Sessions -




All Inclusive Ticket

Your registration includes a bunk in our lodges; all yummy meals, dinner Friday night through breakfast Monday morning; access to all main sessions, breakout sessions and scheduled activities (ropes course, canoeing, s'mores, etc); and a SUPER FUN TIME.

*** Nursing non-mobile babes in arms only, and we will ask those with babies to step out if they are too loud for people to focus.  If you would like to bring someone for child care, you can pay $150 to cover their bunk and food during registration. If you have an older or mobile baby, you MUST bring register a person to bring to provide child care for you. 
***If you have a teenaged daughter you would like to bring along to attend the retreat, you can add her on for $150 as well.  We want the next generation to start thinking about these ideas early!


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Camp Miller has 340 acres of woodland, a crystal clear lake, over 8 miles of hiking trails, and lots of awesome recreational activities. 


We'll bunk together in lodges to get the real deal camp experience!  All the lodges have their own bathrooms with showers.  You'll get a twin bunk to snuggle down into each night in a room with other attendees.  


This year, we will enjoy each other's company and release some oxytocin as we chow down in the dining hall as a group.  We will be served breakfast, lunch and dinner, all included with your registration.  We will be sending out emails as the weekend gets closer to make sure all your dietary needs are accounted for.


More detailed session information will be released later in 2017, but if you need a teaser, the whole Indie Birth team will be crafting new and exclusive sessions.  We have Angela Gallo and Megan Lior headlining our main sessions and ceremonies and they are ready to blow your minds!!! We will have breakout sessions this year as well as other styles of group learning. Saturday and Sunday we will also enjoy group activities led by camp staff with the intent of developing our leadership, confidence and releasing our fears as a group.  We are so excited to have everyone in one place, so that we can connect more in the down time, and also extend the "up-time" into all the nooks and crannies of the weekend.


All campy jokes aside, we think this weekend will be what each of us needs to become stronger leaders in the movement towards authentic midwifery.  We hope that in 50 years we will look back and write that the Indie Birth Retreat was a turning point in the herstory of midwifery. We are the resistance, and this weekend will help make us stronger and more ready for what the world is asking of us.


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12pm -5pm Check in
1- 5
Camp Tours, Art in the Woods, Wild Women's Circle, Mini-Skills Sessions
5:30pm Dinner
6:30 - 9 Opening Ceremony and Fire


7am Yoga for Birth Workers with Mara Panacci
8 Breakfast
9 - 10 Main Morning Session with Maryn and Margo
10:15- 11:30 Breakout Session
- Sane, Centered and Powerful: Real World Practices for "Keeping It Together" as a Midwife with Maryn Green
     - The Alchemy of Adrenaline: Choosing Wise Action for Birth Workers with Emily Graham and Carey Glenn
     - Uncommon Complications of Labor and Birth with Dr. Fernanado Molina
11:45 - 12:15 Breakout Sessions
     - My Life as a Partero with Dr. Fernando Molina
     - Students and the Future of Midwifery Forum with Maryn and Margo
12:30 pm Lunch
1-3:30 Outdoor Exploration
- Low Ropes Groups at 1 and 2:15
- Archery from 1-2, Tomahawk Throwing 2:15-3
- Canoeing the whole time, expeditions leaving at 1pm and 2:15
- Walking Alignment Chat with Maria Antonescu
4-5:30 Breakout Sessions
- Benefits of EMDR After Pregnancy, and and Helpful Techniques for Grounding and Relaxing Your Clients Along the Way with Dina Clabaugh
- Radical Self Love and Finding Your Zone of Genius with Angela Gallo
- Rethinking Fetal Heart Tones in Labor with Margo Blackstone
5:45 Dinner
6:30 Cacao Ceremony with Mara Pannaci
7 - 9 Private Sneak Preview of the film These Are My Hours followed by a Q&A with the Director, Scott Kirschenbaum and Emily Graham, the subject of the film!
9 -10:30 Sauna + Sensory Based Night Hike + Fire


8am Breakfast
9 - 10:30 Main Session; Utilizing Social Media in the Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting World with Angela Gallo
10:45 - 12:15 Breakout Sessions
     - The Birth Revolution Must be Filmed with Scott Kirschenbaum
     - A Midwife's Hands, Her Greatest Tool with Gail Hart
       - Reclaiming the Third Stage of Birth with Maryn Green
12:30 Lunch
1:15 - 2:15 Main Session; Releasing the Persecution Narrative with Annika Natseway
2:30-5:30 Taking the Leap High Ropes Course, Wild Women's Art Sesh, Yoga for Releasing Fears
5:45 Dinner
6:45 - 8 Breakout Sessions
     - Herbal Energetics : Bath Infusion Teas with Carolyn Kerns
      - Alignment for Birth Workers and Their Clients with Maria Antonescu
     - "Getting Shit Done" Strategy Session with Margo

8-10 Gail Hart Fireside Chat, S'mores + Drumming + Sunset Canoeing


8am Breakfast
9am - 10am Closing Ceremony
10am Breaking Camp
11am Check out


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Angela Gallo

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Margo BlackstonE


Emily Graham

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Carolyn Kerns


Gail Hart


Megan Lior


Carey Glenn


Dina Clabaugh


Maryn Green


Dr. Fernando Molina


Scott Kirschenbaum

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Maria Antonescu

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From North (Duluth): Take I-35 S. roughly 45 minutes south of Duluth, take Sturgeon Lake exit 209, turn left to go across hwy, first left at E. Frontage Rd., 2 blocks, turn rightinto Camp Miller Entrance

From South (Twin Cities): Take I-35 N. roughly 55 minutes north of Cambridge, take Sturgeon Lake exit 209, turn right to drive past the gas station, first left at E. Frontage Rd., 2 blocks, turn right into CampMiller Entrance

Entering Camp and Parking: Follow signs to stay to the left upon entering camp.  Drive roughly 200 yards down the road.  For weddings and events please turn left into the main parking lot.  For deliveries and camp drop-off please go right and follow signs to Mitchell Lodge.



A sleeping bag or blanket, pillow, twin fitted sheet for mattress, flashlight, toiletries, ear plugs, tennis shoes, raincoat/jacket/sweater, hat, swimsuit for sauna, towel, gloves, sunscreen, laundry bag, water bottle, bug spray.



Check in to the lodges is at 5pm on May 18th, followed by dinner in the dining hall at 6:30pm.  If you arrive to the camp a few hours early, you can tour the grounds, go for a hike, relax in a sky chair, or if you need to be indoors, we will have a space available for that as well.  There is another group who is checking out a 11ish, so we need to be mindful not to arrive before then.


Transportation OPTIONS

You can take the Skyline Shuttle from the Minneapolis/St Paul airport to Camp Miller (just let them know you need to be dropped off at the camp when you book!).  You can also, of course, rent a car. Utilize the Facebook group to find a carpool buddy.